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Energy Makeover

The Energy Makeover® Journal is the perfect companion to maximize your energy self-care. After author Betsy Muller published her best selling book, Energy Makeover—A Conscious Way to Stay Young, Have Fun and Get More Done, she soon realized something was missing. Betsy had created a book that asked readers to journal and engage in “practice time” exercises at the end of each chapter, yet she hadn’t given them a tool to record the process of self care and discovery. The Energy Makeover Personal Daily Journal For Tracking Progress shares the secrets that Betsy uses to guide her personal daily writing habit. Now you have a complete system for engaging your energy self-care process while recording your personal transformation.

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Energy Makeover

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In this 40 minute audio, Betsy shares her personal Energy Makeover story while revealing the 3 ways people unknowingly deplete or limit their energy. You'll also learn 3 practical ways to recover and build your energy quickly and efficiently. The message of this audio will help you pay greater attention to areas of the book most helpful to you.


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"The book "Energy Makeover" has helped me see things differently during a transitional time in my family. Betsy Muller offers a variety of ways to help cope with life's challenges to boost energy and stay positive. Thank you, Betsy!"
T.L. Champion, Writer/Director/Producer, Champion Studios

"Betsy helped me clarify my goals and laid out a clear plan to reach them. By incorporating energy work and sound advice, I am able to move forward seamlessly into the next phase of my career. She equipped me with powerful tools that will serve me in that career and beyond."
Female Coaching Client, New York, NY


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"Betsy has written a jewel of a book here - part biography, part recipe for success and part resource for abundant joy in your life. Reading this is like sharing hot chocolate with a friend in front of a roaring fire. Warm, personable and informative, it's a lively and very easy read. I read it in one sitting and found that I kept turning the pages until I was at the back cover!"
Maia Beatty, Trainer, Speaker & Coach at Discover Your Powerful Presence,


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"Betsy Muller is a master of personal transformation who brings an enlightened approach to creating harmony and balance in your life experience. Energy Makeover is a joy to read, it's the owner's manual for your life."

Greg Nicosia, Ph.D.
Past President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

“This chapter is chock full of strong information, easy to follow directions and drills, everyday situations and remedies. Clear and understandable. It is easy to follow and enjoyable reading. Betsy’s voice is that of a girlfriend sharing wonderful secrets.”

Jayne Sulser, Dublin, OH